Practice Areas

Construction Law

Construction Law involves the unique application of many different general bodies of law to the industry specific issues and problems that arise in connection with the construction process and its varied business relationships; the many different particular laws that specifically govern the construction process; and the laws and legal principles that apply to and in connection with the various types of businesses and professions that are part of and serve the construction industry.

Because of our many years of experience and the dedicated focus of our practice, we are able to provide high quality legal service economically in connection with virtually any of these distinctive industry specific issues, problems and matters.

Dispute Resolution

Given the complexities and vagaries of both the construction process and the business relationships that are involved in construction projects, it is inevitable that problems will occur and disputes will arise out of some of those problems. Our mission is to solve client problems and, when necessary, to guide our clients through their disputes as successfully, productively and cost effectively as possible. Therefore, our attorneys are trained and experienced in all types of dispute resolution, including: negotiation, mediation, arbitration, alternative dispute resolution procedures, administrative dispute resolution procedures, court actions, trials and appeals.

Huddles Jones Sorteberg & Campbell, PC also provides Mediation and Arbitration Services. Mr. Sorteberg has been trained to serve as a mediator and arbitrator of construction disputes and has significant experience doing so. The firm’s large conference room facilities are available to comfortably accommodate multi-party mediations and arbitrations; and hotel, parking, and dining facilities are all directly adjacent to the firm’s conveniently located downtown Columbia offices.

Government Contract Law

A substantial portion of the construction work in the Mid-Atlantic Region is undertaken by the Federal, State and Local Governments. “Public sector” construction projects involve and are governed by unique and particular laws, legal principles, and legal procedures. As a full service construction law firm, our construction law practice includes, and our construction attorneys have extensive experience with, Government Contract Law.